Spell your name to make a great outdoor workout!

You may have seen this before. It’s a surefire way not to get bored during your workout and to ensure you’ve got something to do.

The way it works: find the letter that corresponds with your name. See what exercise accompanies the letter, do the exercise, then move on to the next letter/exercise. For example: if your name is Ann, you will do 50 jumping jacks, 40 jumping jacks … and another 40 jumping jacks. Maybe in a double letter case, you’ll want to do something else.

There’s various methods, letter combinations so pick one image, print it out or take a photo with your phone and try it out.

Got a long first name? Good! You’ll have a great workout. Got a short name? Combine your middle name.


I have studied and danced the styles of Afro-Cuban, modern, jazz, tap, ballet, liturgical dance and my latest feat: Zumba, merging all of what I’ve learned over decades of taking classes, and dancing professionally, and melding it into a fun fitness class for all levels. My earliest memory of being a “real” dancer was when I was age 9. No other kid showed up to ballet and tap class on this Saturday. Who knows why. But what I do know is that instead of canceling class and calling my parents to pick me up, my teacher, Mrs. Maia Watson, made sure to make use of those two hours she had alone with me. That was the first time I remember sweating. That was a tough day. My dance career high: when Carmen DeLavallade complimented my Horton-technique deep floor movement while studying dance at Howard University. I have performed at the African Marketplace and Cultural Faire (Los Angeles), Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood Paladium, the Home of actor Ed Asner, Wilshire Ebell Theatre (Los Angeles), National Cathedral (Washington, DC), New York Avenue Presbyterian Church & more!

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