BYO What? BYOFitness!

Did you see the BYOFitness offering on our schedule but are wondering what it is?

It’s easy! We’re challenging you to Bring Your Own Fitness exercise moves – at least two – to share with EG2 members. That’s it!

Instead of calling this meet up a bootcamp (we do have one, though), we want attendees to bring moves that they’ve seen that best fit them. We also want you to try new things that you may not have thought of doing before. That’s where your neighbors’ fitness moves come in.

This is the core of Eastland Gardens Exercise Group – coming with an open mind to try some new stuff, and also making a personal contribution to this community fitness program.

So research some moves, remember them or write ’em down, and bring ’em to the next BYOFitness session. Need some help? Click here, or see some suggestions below.

Planks, jumping jacks, side crunches, leg lifts, shoulder rolls, push ups, we could go on.

Here’s EG2’s first BYOFitness session.