8.20.17: Last Week of Grant-funded EG2 – and Then …

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting fit with the help of our EG Squared fitness experts this month. We were lucky to have two yoga instructors, two bootcamp instructors and a Zumba instructor.

As we approach the end of our grant period, this week ends some of their tenures, while others will continue to provide fitness. So worry not. Check out our final week with all of them here.

But wait, there’s more:

Some of our instructors will continue to provide group-led instructions, so worry not. We will also go to our original format where attendees lead your own workout. Just bring two exercises and lead your own workout with the rest of the group one of two times every day, meeting on the running track. Simple, right? Just bookmark our link so you know what time to meet us.

OK … so let’s get started and again, a BIG shout out to the East River Family Strengthening Collaborative for providing mats, water, fitness instructors to kick of EG Squared. Let’s continue and sustain this great effort – together!