New Additions to This Weeks Sked – bootcamp and yoga

CANCELED EVENING: Wednesday, August 23 at 7:30p:
Zumba with Z – Kenilworth Recreation Center senior room courtyard

EVENING: Thursday, August 24 at 7p:
Yoga with Adrienne on tennis courts

MORNING: Friday, August 25 at 6:45a:
BYO Fitness with Z – Kenilworth Parkside track

MORNING: Saturday, August 26 at 7a
Boot camp with Sean – Kenilworth Parkside Park track

Change of Plans Early Birds: Mon. 5:30a bootcamp off; 6:15a yoga Tues still on!

Forgive the change in plans but our bootcamp instructor, Sean, was in injured by a motorist Sunday evening (sorry to those who came out for Sunday dusk bootcamp, too). As a result, 5:30 am bootcamp is canceled BUT our 6:15a yoga session taught by Shirley on Tuesday this week is still on.

See you soon, and lets offer Sean well wishes and a speedy recovery!

8.20.17: Last Week of Grant-funded EG2 – and Then …

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting fit with the help of our EG Squared fitness experts this month. We were lucky to have two yoga instructors, two bootcamp instructors and a Zumba instructor.

As we approach the end of our grant period, this week ends some of their tenures, while others will continue to provide fitness. So worry not. Check out our final week with all of them here.

But wait, there’s more:

Some of our instructors will continue to provide group-led instructions, so worry not. We will also go to our original format where attendees lead your own workout. Just bring two exercises and lead your own workout with the rest of the group one of two times every day, meeting on the running track. Simple, right? Just bookmark our link so you know what time to meet us.

OK … so let’s get started and again, a BIG shout out to the East River Family Strengthening Collaborative for providing mats, water, fitness instructors to kick of EG Squared. Let’s continue and sustain this great effort – together!




Who, What & When?

It’s week three EG2 family! We’re adding Sean Smith, an additional boot camp fitness expert this week, and Adrienne Shaw joins us for an additional yoga session. Look for them on the calendar below and subscribe to get up-to-the-minute changes:

*Schedule, locations may change; return here for updates or email for text alerts

MORNING: Monday, August 14 at 6:15a
BYO fitness with Z Aquatic Gardens parking lot, entry grass area (bring two exercise moves) (mats will be provided)

CANCELED: MORNING: Tuesday, August 15 at 6:15a
Light yoga and early morning stretching with Shirley C – Kenilworth Parkside Park – far north of track (mats will be provided)

JUST ADDED: EVENING: Wednesday, August 16 at 7:30p
Zumba with Z at Kenilworth Recreation Center senior room courtyard

CANCELED: MORNING: Thursday, August 17 at 8a
Intermediate biking with Chuck T: Anacostia River Trail. Meet at cement benches at Lee and 40th and Anacostia Ave (where the two new homes are) (bring your own bike)

JUST UPDATED: EVENING: Thursday, August 17 at 7:30p
Yoga with Adrienne S: Kenilworth-Parkside tennis courts (mats will be provided)

EVENING: Friday, August 18 at 7:30p
Yoga with Adrienne S: Kenilworth-Parkside tennis courts (mats will be provided)

MORNING: Saturday, August 19 at 8a:
Boot camp with Chuck T: Kenilworth Parkside Park running track*

EVENING: Saturday, August 19 at 7:30p
Boot camp with Sean S: Kenilworth-Parkside track (mats will be provided)


BYO What? BYOFitness!

Did you see the BYOFitness offering on our schedule but are wondering what it is?

It’s easy! We’re challenging you to Bring Your Own Fitness exercise moves – at least two – to share with EG2 members. That’s it!

Instead of calling this meet up a bootcamp (we do have one, though), we want attendees to bring moves that they’ve seen that best fit them. We also want you to try new things that you may not have thought of doing before. That’s where your neighbors’ fitness moves come in.

This is the core of Eastland Gardens Exercise Group – coming with an open mind to try some new stuff, and also making a personal contribution to this community fitness program.

So research some moves, remember them or write ’em down, and bring ’em to the next BYOFitness session. Need some help? Click here, or see some suggestions below.

Planks, jumping jacks, side crunches, leg lifts, shoulder rolls, push ups, we could go on.

Here’s EG2’s first BYOFitness session.

Where to Look for Us …

Covered pavilion near track


Running track


Walking trail entrance (where Anacostia Ave., Lee St and 40th St. meets)

Tennis Courts

Tennis court parking lot

Covered pavilion parking lot (between Polk St and Ord St on Anacostia Ave.)

Kenilworth Recreation Center senior courtyard


Are You Missing Some Pounds Yet, or Are You Missing Out on Free Fitness?

Kudos to our first Eastland Garden Exercise Group attendees. We had a great time in 72 degree weather Saturday morning with Chuck Taylor during bootcamp. Teenager through seniors were there, enjoying FITNESS IN YOUR BACKYARD.

Join us! Check the schedule for sessions and locations and don’t be afraid: everything is modified for each and every attendee. Most important is that you come out and move that body!

Here’s a peek:

Wondering if EG2 meets during weather warnings?

We will do our best to text and/or email you, and post here, but since EG2 meets right in your backyard, try to make it – you know how the storm warnings in D.C. work – they may come, they may not. If it ends up that we cannot meet, you live right around the corner and at least you won’t have wasted gas.